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0.5 ton electric truck with cargo box ZH05
    Publish time 2023-04-12 16:52    
0.5 ton electric truck with cargo box ZH05
Capacity2 peopleVehicle weight (including battery)635KG
length x width x height3350*1220*1930mmDriving speed24km/h adjustable
Driving range70-90kmSafe grade≤15%
wheelbase2570mmMinimum turning radius5m
Front track880mmMinimum ground clearance122mm
rear track998mmBraking distance3.5m
ControllerOverviewEnpower AC intelligent controller, strong climbing ability, anti-rollback on slopes, speed limitable downhill, braking or reverse energy feedback control, to improve the driving mileage of the vehicle
Voltage (DC/V)48V
Maximum output current (AC/A)400
Rated output current (AC/A)130
Working ambient temperature range-20℃----55℃
Protection classIP67
cooling methodFree cooling
Motor control methodVector control with speed sensor
communication methodCAN communication
MotorOverview Asynchronous AC motor, high efficiency and energy saving, stepless speed regulation, fully enclosed aluminum shellSeal, good heat dissipation, high output efficiency, strong overload/climbing ability. Maintenance free.
Voltage and power (V/kw)48V/5kw
Rated current (A)116

Rated speed (r/min)3000
Maximum speed (r/min)4500
work scheduleS2-60min
Protection classIP54
Insulation classH
cooling methodFree cooling
Efficiency (100% load)85
BatteryOverview Torch brand, add liquid, deep cycle large capacity lead-acid battery, Long service life and superior discharge performance at high current. (Optional free maintenance battery)
model4-DG-140 (optional 4-EVF-150)
capacity140Ah (5hr) 8V/pcs, 6 pcs totally
Battery pack voltage and capacity (V/Ah)48v/140Ah*6 pcs
Storage power (degree: kw/h)48v*140Ah=6.72
Charger Computer intelligent car charger, full charge time is about 6-8 hours, with automatic power off protection after full chargeProtection function. Charge input voltage 220V, output 48V/25A, protection grade: IP67.
DC voltage converterHigh power DC converter, 48V/12V-300W.
WindshieldFolded Windshield(organic glass)
CanopyInjection molding of automotive engineering materials is light in weight and not easy to fade.
Body Injection molding of PP material for automobiles. The exterior parts of the whole vehicle are made of fully injection-molded material, modular structure design, and can be divided intoChip replacement saves maintenance costs.
BracketProfessionally designed and welded by mold opening, the surface is sprayed, the shape is simple, the quality is high, and it is anti-rust.
SeatFoamed sponge high-grade imitation leather seat, high resilience and not easy to deform.
FloorNon-slip, quiet, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, high-strength wear-resistant floor glue.
Dashboard Special PP material injection molding instrument panel. Combination instrument, far and near light switch, turn signal switch, electric lock switch,Front and rear gear switches.
Lights and Signals Integrated LED daytime running lights, running water turn signals, horn, reversing buzzer, energy saving and convenientdisassembly.
Steering systemRack and pinion steering system with automatic backlash compensation function.
Braking methodComposite pedal parking (optional electromagnetic parking)
Braking Systemrear drum brake
Front and rear suspension systemFront Independent Suspension; Rear Integral Axle
Tire wheel Golf car tires aluminum rim 205/50-10

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