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Maintenance of electric vehicle batteries such as electric sightseeing cars

Oct 19, 2019

Electric sightseeing car, electric tour bus, electric patrol car, electric classic car and other series of electric vehicles, maintenance of lead-acid batteries


1, battery water


A, regular: once a month (20 times a month)


High frequency of use: old battery ~ once or twice a week


B. After charging is complete, add water to the bottom of the sink indicator.


C. When adding water, add distilled or deionized water.


2, neutralization


A, directly splash soda or aqueous solution to the battery (sodium bicarbonate: NaHCO3) and then rinse the electrolyte with tap water


B. Spray the battery head cleaner and protective agent onto the battery head. When the water is too full, the electrolyte will splash on the battery body during charging, and the neutralization operation will prevent corrosion of the battery head and structure.


The battery head should be well protected to ensure good battery connection and reduce connection resistance to maintain battery performance.

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