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Electric sightseeing car knowledge

Sep 21, 2019

The electric sightseeing car series uses lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries. Domestic brands such as Tianniu Power Battery and Chaowei Battery, foreign batteries have Korean US batteries and US Qiujian batteries. The electric sightseeing car has beautiful design and space, and is practical. Convenient for the general use of domestic tourist attractions. The whole vehicle adopts German technology, imported configuration, carrying noble life, energy saving and environmental protection.


First, use


        1, golf course; 2, park scenic area; 3, amusement park; 4, real estate; 5, resort; 6, airport; 7, campus; 8, public security and comprehensive governance patrol; 9, factory factory area; 10, other places.


Second, the basic composition


        The electric sightseeing car consists of three major parts: electrical system, chassis, body


1. Electrical system: divided into two systems by function:


(1) Power system - lithium battery, motor, etc.


(2) Control and auxiliary systems - from electronic control, accelerators, switches, wiring harnesses, chargers, etc.


2. Chassis: divided into four systems by function:


(1) Transmission system—clutch, gearbox, universal joint shaft device, final drive in the transaxle, differential and half shaft, etc.;


(2) Driving system - the role of the tie and the load. Mainly including the frame, axles, wheels and suspensions, etc.;


(3) Steering system - including steering wheel, steering gear and transmission rod parts;


(4) Brake system - used to control the speed and stop. Includes brake and brake control.


3. Body - used to ride the driver, passengers.


Third, the driving method


       The electric sightseeing car adopts the battery-powered driving mode, which does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. It only needs to be charged by the battery. Because most of the power plants are built away from densely populated cities, the damage to humans is less, and the power plant is stationary. It is easier to concentrate on emissions and remove all kinds of harmful emissions, and related technologies have been available. Sightseeing car battery power energy acquisition methods, such as coal, nuclear power, water and so on. The electric sightseeing car can make full use of the extra power charging during the evening power shortage, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits, saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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