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Maintenance of electric sightseeing car motor

Sep 06, 2019

Electric sightseeing vehicles require regular performance inspection and maintenance, especially for motors, under certain service life. The motor problems mainly include the following:

    First: the sensor working environment is poor, resulting in system failure! Need to set photoelectric or magnetic sensor in non-heat source area for detecting motor

Turn the position and send a signal to control the commutation. The vast majority of brushless motor hubs on the market are unable to isolate the sensor from the heat source. There are three main factors that affect heat sources:

    First, the heat source of the motor is present, which comes from the copper loss and iron loss of the motor, especially when the motor works in the lower efficiency zone.

The degree is very fast, so the iron core will heat up, so the sensor element directly placed in the heat source area will experience performance drift, resulting in commutation error, once changed

If the error is wrong, the large efficiency of the motor will decrease, and the temperature will rise further, so that it will enter the vicious circle and directly lead to the electronic commutator burning.

Destroyed, generally expressed as "short circuit."

    Second: Inductive electric vehicles, causing the controller to burn out. The "silent" feature and the magical self-charging function of the brushless motor are often illegal

The selling point of the business. First, the electric vehicle automatic charging function violates the basic energy conservation law. Brushless motor does not have an overrunning clutch when the wheels are fast

At the speed of rotation, an induced electromotive force is formed at the input end of the motor. The faster the wheel turns, the higher the induced electromotive force is. When the withstand voltage of the device is exceeded,

It will cause "voltage breakdown" of the electronic reversing system, the motor will be short-circuited again, and the wheel will suddenly become stuck.

    Third: only say that the motor will never wear, the life is ten years, the warranty is two years, it will not say the controller! Brushless and brushless, brushed commutator

Placed inside the motor, and brushless is placed outside the motor, so the electric brushless motor system is actually made up of "motor" and "electronic commutator

"The two parts are composed. The brushless motor part does have some kind of "never wear" attribute, while the brushless electronic commutator is one.

Parts with high barrier rates, as described above, have various faults that occur on the controller.

    Fourth: system reliability and performance have always been contradictory, we need to find a point of convergence in the middle, or find one that can put both

A factor that can be balanced. Can not blindly find electric car motor cheap to buy.

Fifth: electric motor motor water, brushless need to talk about "waterproof": soak the entire brushless wheel in the "fish tank" to show off

The "excellent" character of "amphibious" operations.

Daily maintenance of the motor:

    1. The AC power outlet of the electric sightseeing car must be matched with the AC power plug of the charger.

    2. The AC voltage should be stable and the change should not exceed 220% and 10%.

    3. Charging operation procedure: disconnect the electric lock switch on the vehicle, the output plug of the charger is inserted into the total plug of the battery, and then the AC input of the charger

Plug the plug into an AC outlet.

    4. Please read the charger manual carefully before using the charger.

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