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Performance inspection of electric sightseeing car

Sep 11, 2019

   The daily performance check of the electric sightseeing car is indispensable, including the inspection of the operation control buttons, brakes, steering wheel, tires and other hardware. Regular inspections ensure safe driving of electric sightseeing cars.

    • Forward/Backward Control: Check that the operation is correct.

    • Brake: Make sure the brake function is correct. When the brake pedal is fully depressed with the proper pressure, the vehicle should stop smoothly and linearly.

    • Parking brake: When locked, the parking brake should lock the wheel and keep the vehicle fixed. It should be released when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

    · Reversing buzzer: When the current in/reverse switch is placed in the R “reverse” position, the reversing buzzer should sound as a warning.

    • Steering: The vehicle should be easily steered and there should be no turbulence in the steering wheel.

    · General: All parts should be in the correct position and installed correctly. Be sure to tighten all nuts, bolts and screws.

    • Safety signs and information boards: Check to make sure all safety signs and information signs are in place.

    • Tires: Check the correct pressure. Visually inspect for wear, damage and proper inflation every day.

    • Battery: Check the electrolyte to ensure the correct level. Check the battery terminals. The leads should be tightened and not corroded.

    • Charger cord, plug and socket: Visually inspect for cracks, loose connections and lead wear.

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