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Electric sightseeing car main electrical parts use and maintenance tips

Jun 20, 2019

First, the use and maintenance of the battery

     Battery use:

     1. Always keep the battery level in a sufficient state to prevent the battery from being in a depleted state.

     2. Try to avoid overheating the battery by discharging the battery in a short time or discharging it at a large current.

     3. After using the battery for a period of time, you can consciously use up the battery and fully charge the battery in time. This helps to maintain the capacity that the battery should have.

       The battery is best charged with a discharge depth of 60-70%. In actual use, it can be converted into mileage, and necessary charging according to the actual situation to avoid harmful charging.

    Battery maintenance:

    1. Dosing battery:

      A. Pay attention to the battery level, and add the distilled water (avoid other additives) to make the battery level between the upper and lower scale lines.

      B. Always check the battery terminals for corrosion or looseness. If the above situation is found, it is necessary to clean and tighten the binding posts in time. Apply Vaseline or butter to the terminal for protection. However, care should be taken not to contaminate Vaseline or butter on the contact surfaces of the terminals and terminals.

      C. Keep the battery surface dry and clean. The electrolyte and its residue that overflows the upper surface of the battery during charging should be cleaned up in time. If necessary, rinse the surface of the battery with a proper amount of warm water and dry it in time.

      D. Always check battery holders such as battery platens and battery levers. Prevent the failure of the above components due to corrosion, looseness, etc. Failure of the battery mount may cause damage to the battery and even endanger the driving safety.

    2. Maintenance free battery

     A. Keep the battery surface clean and dry, and always check the tightening of the terminals and terminals. If there is looseness, it needs to be tightened in time.

     B. Always check battery holders such as battery platens and battery levers. Prevent battery life and driving safety from being affected by the failure of the above components.

Second, the use and maintenance of the motor

    1. Avoid sudden acceleration and rapid deceleration to prevent the motor life caused by high current shock from shortening; avoid

          Water-related operation, when the water is immersed in the motor, it will cause permanent damage to the motor.

    2. Ask the professional to check the carbon brush every time you run 5000Km. Especially in damp or dust

          The frequency of such checks should be increased when running in more environments. When replacing the carbon brush, clean the carbon deposit and polish the surface of the commutator if necessary. After the carbon brush is replaced, 1000Km running-in is required, and during this period, the rapid acceleration operation is strictly prohibited.

    3. The hand brake power-off device is a device that protects the motor. Therefore, it should be checked frequently whether the hand brake power-off function is normal, and it is strictly forbidden to modify the hand brake power-off device. Do not place debris under the handle of the handbrake (the handbrake switch is blocked or fails, which can cause the failure of the handbrake power-off function).

    4. Always check the tightening of the motor terminals and find that the looseness is tightened in time.

    5. Always check the surface of the motor to remove dust and dirt from the surface.

Third, the use and maintenance of the charger

    1. Qualified sockets and wires are required for the charging field.

    2. Always check the tightening of each connection point related to the charger. In particular, the wiring points at both ends of the leakage protector need to be tightened once a month. The earth leakage protector should be tested monthly according to its instructions. Make sure the leakage protector is working. Do not place any objects near the leakage protector. Prevent the leakage protector from moving due to debris blocking.

    3. The charger needs to be kept ventilated and cooled when working. Do not place debris on the rear cover and block the vents.

Fourth, the use and maintenance of the controller

   1. Always check the tightening of each terminal of the controller. If it is loose, tighten it in time.

   2. When the controller is running, it will generate a certain amount of heat. Avoid placing debris on the rear cover to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

       In addition, good driving habits are very important for the long-term and stable operation of electric sightseeing vehicles. In particular, avoid sudden acceleration and rapid deceleration. The instantaneous running current during rapid acceleration is 4-6 times of the normal running current. Although the time is short, the impact on electrical components, especially the battery and the motor, is great. Will affect the life and stability of electric sightseeing cars. In addition, some car owners like to put some decorations on the back cover, especially put two pillows or plush toys. This will affect the heat dissipation of the charger and controller, thus affecting the stable operation of the car. This phenomenon should be avoided.

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